Monday, August 26, 2013

In the News

A few recent articles in newspapers and on the web have highlighted Glenmarians and Glenmary missions. I have included links here to help my readers find them.

The Arkansas Catholic announced the building of a new church in a mission which Glenmary successfully returned to the diocese of Little Rock. In the article, Glenmarian Fr. Don Tranel briefly explained how Glenmary's charism helped to bring the town together after a tragic fire shut down a towns main employer. Despite that and other economic setbacks in Booneville, the Catholic Church continues to grow.

The Witness which is a publication of the Archdiocese of Dubuque ran a 2 part series about religious brothers and highlighted men from their diocese who have joined religious communities. Glenmary's Br. Craig Digmann from Monticello, Iowa is featured in the first article.

The Kentucky Forward website recently posted an article about Fr. John Rausch "an everyday hero" who lives in Stanton, KY and has dedicated his life to "fighting for the poor, protecting the land." In this article, Steve Flairty writes about Fr. John's unique ministry and his longtime dedication to Eastern Kentucky.

I hope all my readers enjoy these and other fine articles on our website about Glenmary priests and brothers serving in Mission Land USA.

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