Monday, July 22, 2013

Chosen and Sent by God

Today opens World Youth Day 2013. Pope Francis will be arriving in Rio de Janeiro in a few short hours to be with the young people. Although I will not be there in person, I am looking forward to listening to his various addresses and homilies this week with the young people. I am certain he will impart encouraging and challenging messages which all of us can relate to. Likewise, in a recent homily that Pope Francis delivered while celebrating mass with those discerning their vocation he said; "The labourers for the harvest are not chosen through advertising campaigns or appeals of service and generosity, but they are 'chosen' and 'sent' by God." A good reminder to me that it is not the advertising that the Glenmary Vocation office does but is the work of the Spirit. I heard someone once say, "it is God who does the calling but it is the vocation director who makes sure you heard the call." I have to believe though that it is not just the vocation director but all of the faithful who are needed to encourage young men and women to follow their call to the consecrated life. Mothers, fathers, brothers sisters, friends, pastors, teachers, etc. all need to tell the young people that they would be a good sister, brother or priest. And tell them why you think that, what qualities do they possess which would be of benefit to serve the people of God. It is our support which will help those young men and women to make a sound decision during their discernment process. Let us pray that those who are being "chosen" and "sent" are open to respond to their call and to pray that the rest of us will have the courage to motivate those who would make good religious.

You can rad the entire text of Pope Francis' Homily on the Vatican website

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