Monday, March 25, 2013

Thank You Pope Francis

It has only been about ten days since you were elected but I am thankful for all that you have been able to accomplish already. Your faith, you simplicity and your example of how to serve has been a great inspiration to me and I think for the rest of the Church and the world. Catholics have been Facebooking, tweeting and blogging all of your words and actions. A simple gesture of a Pope greeting the faithful after church went viral on YouTube! So many of the non-Catholics that I know have been asking me a lot of questions that they would not have thought to bring up in the past. Conversations have been started with me in the last week almost always began with; "So what do you think of this new pope?"  
Thank you for your "yes" to  serve and thank you for the work you have done so far. You are in my prayers as I trust we are in yours. 

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