Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tuning In To God's Call

"Tuning In To God's Call" is an excellent book by Andrew Carl Wisdom and Christine Kiley. I was happy to find a new book for those discerning their call to religious life.  I was so impressed by it's content that after reading it myself, I sent copies of it to most of the candidates who are discerning with Glenmary Home Missioners.  The book progresses from the question - "What is discernment" to how discernment leads us "to action." Andrew Carl and Christine Kiley do not give the reader all the answers but by asking the questions and sharing their reflections they help the reader to reflect on his or her own story of discernment.
I especially like that the format for each theme on discernment uses a scripture verse, a short reflection, quotes, action steps and a prayer. I think that it can be read straight through or each section could be read as a morning reflection. I highly recommend this to all young adults, especially those who are discerning their call to religious life.
Andrew Carl Wisdom, OP
My own copy of the book, signed by the author

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