Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mission Assignments

On Thursday, Fr. Aaron Wessman departed Glenmary HQ on his way to his first assignment, in the missions in Eastern, TN. Pastoral associate in Union and Grainger counties. Fr. Crispine Adongo on Friday to his new assignment in Central TN and Western, KY. Associate Pastor in Macon County and Allen County KY. It is an exciting time for both these men after their years of study and preparation to finally be headed off to serve in the missions. To be missioners in Mission Land USA is why all of us enter into Glenmary and now these two men are finally arriving at that goal.
Today Br. Larry Johnson who has been serving as Personnel Director for Glenmary will also be moving to the missions in Central TN and Western, KY. For the last 18 years he has been living in Ohio County, Kentucky. Ohio County is a former Glenmary Mission area and hosted our former house of studies. Br. Larry is the last Glenmarian to leave there and his presence will be missed tremendously in that area but his gifts and talents will be very much appreciated in the new missions.
This weekend Fr. Vic Subb will become the new pastor in three missions in Central, TN and Western, KY. Fr. Vic had served as Director of the Glenmary Formation Houses for many years and then a brief six month term in the Vocation Office.
The Mission Bell has been ringing a lot this week at Glenmary HQ. When Fr. George Mathis' body arrived the bell was rung to welcome him home. And as the missioners departed for their new assignments we gathered to send them off.

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