Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Glenmary Articles

Recently a number of really good articles have been posted on Glenmary's website and of course I wanted to recommend them to all my faithful readers:
Pat McEntee, Glenmary's Associate Vocation Director writes an insightful piece for discerners called "What's Holding you Back." His article helps to identify some of the obstacles and fears which may prevent someone from entering into religious life. My monthly column for August is titled "Qualities and Traits of Glenmary Missioners" highlights the differences among the Glenmarians and the common traits we possess and need to be effective missioners. And the Glenmary Communication Department posted an interesting piece, "Vocation Efforts Aided by Prayer and Technology" which explains how the Vocation Department makes use of technology in order to connect with men who are discerning a vocation.
Enjoy them all and keep checking our website on a regular basis for more invaluable information. And if you have any suggestions for other topics that you would like is to write about please feel free to add them in the comment box below.

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