Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mission Tour 2012

One of the great joys in being Vocation Director for Glenmary is being able to travel through the missions. This past week I have traveled over 800 miles from Vanceburg, KY to Heavener, OK showing off the mission areas to the man traveling with me. Along the mission tour we have had plenty of time to talk about Glenmary and the mission need. He has also been able to meet a number of Glenmary missioners, talk with people who live in the missions and experience first hand the spiritual and material needs of the people living in this part of the country. Vocational DVDs, brochures, websites and advertisements are a great way to promote the work we do but the best selling point for people who are discerning their vocation as a missionary priest or brother is to come and see for yourself. This summer Glenmary will be offering a couple of "Come and See" weekends. (June 15-18 & July 13-15)  We already have number of men signed up for these upcoming weekends but we always have room for more... Let us know if you are interested in joining us for a an opportunity of the lifetime to visit Mission Land USA and discern whether or not God is calling you to be a missioner.

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