Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Not Enough Time to Write

I apologize to my readers for not updating this blog for some time... I've been on the road; passing through the missions, visiting Godchildren, hanging out at seminary and meeting with prospects.

Holy Week I was in Vanceburg, KY spending time at The Glenmary Farm. While there I was reminded of two sayings which are part of The Farm tradition:

"Peace Came and Stayed"
"The Glenmary Farm... We grow people"

I first came to know Glenmary from my experience on The Farm 20 years ago. Therefore it continues to be a special place for me because it was there I had my first experience of Appalachia, the mission need and made a connection between service, my prayer and God. It was there I fell in love. The Peace in that place is what allowed me to grow in my relationship with God and start to become the person I am called to be.  Although I did not join Glenmary immediately, I stayed in contact and eventually took the next step to enter into the formation program. In the forty years that The Farm has been in existence, The Farm has changed and adapted to meet the needs of the times but continues to serve the poor and unchurched in Lewis County, KY. Times change, needs don't. The Farm has also changed the lives of tens of thousands of people who have spent some time in Lewis County and participated in a service trip. People who have spent time on The Farm have grown and taken that spirit of peace back to where they live. A small plot of land which has served the people in Eastern, Kentucky has also sent people from around the world back to their homes where they can bloom where they are planted.

My Holy Week visit allowed me the opportunity to reminisce about the time I lived there, to find that spirit of peace again, to listen to some of the stories of the current farm managers, assist with the commodities food distribution and to reconnect with some of the local people in the area.
Adios Amigos, Love is the Only Way....

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