Thursday, December 1, 2011

Invitation to Visit the Missions

I was finally able to make a visit to two of Glenmary's newest missions in Eastern, Tennessee. Fr. Steve, and Br. Craig arrived in Union County in early August to begin the process of opening the mission. Br. Joe arrived shortly after them and all three have started to serve in both Union and Grainger counties. I, like many in Glenmary, have been wanting to visit them in person to see their progress for some time. Until now I had only been able to visit via the internet through Fr. Steve's updates to his blog, Catholic Missionary Beginnings. On his blog he has been recording the mission teams weekly activities and the growing participation in the new Catholic communities in these two counties.
I traveled to Union and Grainger Counties in order to meet with the missioners, visit the mission area and leave a prospect who is discerning with Glenmary. He will be living with the Glenmarians for the month of December, shadowing them in their ministry and helping them in the mission in many ways. Advent is a busy time of year in the Church so their will not be a lack of work! Not that there ever is a lack of work in a mission...
I believe that one of the best ways for someone to discern their call with Glenmary is to take a weekend mission trip or stay for a lengthier mission placement. A weekend mission trip usually includes visits to several missions and meeting with Glenmarians who explain their ministry and the mission need. A mission placement is a longer period of time, which can last between a week and a month. The mission placement is a hands-on opportunity because one actually lives in the mission with the Glenmarians and therefore has the opportunity for ministry participation with the missioners and the people in the area. The Vocation office will be scheduling new mission trips soon and have openings for mission placements after the New Year. If you are interested in taking a risk, discerning your call, and learning about a missions with either a mission trip or placement contact our office or send me an email ( 

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