Monday, October 10, 2011

Missionary Beginnings

If you have not had a chance to read Fr. Steve Pawelk's blog called Missionary Beginnings - you have need to check it out. In his blog, Steve, a Glenmary Home Missioner, writes about his experiences in the new missions of Union and Grainger County Tennessee. Steve lives with Brother Joe and Brother Craig also from Glenmary. The three of them have only been together for a little over a month but seem to be moving forward in their missionary efforts. The Spirit is a moving! Below I have included a few photos from Steve's blog because they are worth sharing again. The photos below show a amazing story of how the new mission church which started celebrating in a carport a few weeks ago, moved to donated space at a local Methodist church. Recently, Fr. Steve, Bro. Joe and Craig explored storefronts in the area to rent in order that the community could have their own space to worship. Mass will be celebrated in the new rented space next month. The Church continues to grow - praise God!

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