Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Student Orientation

I am in Hartford, KY these days for the new student orientation program. Here at the Discernment House we are helping the students from foreign countries to get adjusted to life in the U.S. It is the first time here for two out of three of them so it is a little bit overwhelming for them. This time also allows them to get to know Glenmary and Glenmarians a little bit better. So far they have visited missions in the Owensboro, Covington and Nashville dioceses. They have also had Glenmary priests, brothers and lay co-workers come in to lead discussions about mission life and theology. Hope they enjoy my Chicken Line Theology talk tomorrow morning.
Thursday schedule includes a day of reflection for the four Glenmary aspirants before going to Divine Word College. Friday morning Pat and I will be taking a Glenmary road trip with the aspirants - back to school at DWC in Epworth, Iowa. Please pray for the returning students and new students as they get back into academic life.

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