Sunday, June 5, 2011

Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord

Guest blogger today is Fr. William H. Bishop.
In preparations of our upcoming Chapter, I have been reading from the writings of Glenmary's founder, Fr Bishop. Today I offer to share with my readers some of his words about the feast of the Ascension which he wrote in 1952.

The feast of the Ascension is a glorious event of Christ's life. The world knew little about heaven at that time. We know little of it now. Some say that Catholic Schools teach only about heaven. A Dr. Fisher once said that it would be a very short course. (Because we know so little about it.) We know much more now than the peoples of the Old Testament. We know it from Christ's preaching, His doctrines, His miracles which confirmed His word. He made men love Heaven by His amiable personality. He made them feel that He was a sample of what heaven would be. Hence they desired it. He purchased heaven for us. Christ proved by his His Resurrection that His death, instead of a defeat, was a victory. He appeared at least 10 times after the Resurrection; then on Mt. Olivet, He raises His hands in blessing, and ascends into Heaven. The angels question the Apostles, and assures them that Christ would come again.
Why were the Apostles the witnesses of the Ascension? So that they would keep Him and heaven as the center of their thoughts.

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