Monday, May 16, 2011

Rev. William Howard Bishop

This morning I share with you a couple of quotes by Fr. William H. Bishop, the founder of Glenmary Home Missioners:

“The true missioner adopts all the people in his area, regardless of creed, for his own. His aim is to make all of them better people and bring them nearer to God. Whether he ever makes a convert to the Church or not, the town, the county, the lives of the people must be better because of his example, his preaching, his activities among the poor, the sick, and the sinful of all creeds and none.”

“Our work is to go into the forgotten and neglected places, the no priest land, the no-Catholic land of America to accept as bases of operation the little border-line parishes that nobody wants and from them to build up little outposts and parishes where now no hope of them exists.”

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