Monday, November 22, 2010

Glenmary Farm and Wild Woman

The Glenmary Farm does not grow food but has been "Growing People" for nearly forty years. "The Farm," connected with the Glenmary Mission in Lewis County Kentucky, is a small piece of land in an isolated part of the country but it has received volunteer visitors from all over the world. It is a Volunteer program where thousands of young people have been able to meet a Glenmary Priest or Brother and to serve in the Home Missions.
Some of the residents of Lewis County who have gotten to know the "Farm Volunteers" have been known to say, "Them Catholics sure do a lot of good work." One person in particular in Lewis County who has been affected by Glenmary's presence is Edith Smith, AKA "Wild Woman." She received a house built by People's Self Help Housing which was constructed with the help of Glenmarian, Brother Virgil Siefker and many of Glenmary Farm Volunteers. After her new home was completed, she started to receive visitors from the Farm Volunteer Program and hasn't stopped since. She has been dedicated to sharing her story, her new home and the culture of Lewis County Kentucky with all her visitors. In the last 20 years she has received over 10,000 first time visitors to her humble home back in the hollow on Lewis Lane. Because of her many years of welcoming so many young people into her home and her dedication to educating them when they come to visit, The Commonwealth of Kentucky has recognized her as an important ambassador of the commonwealth and bestowed upon her the honorary title of "Kentucky Colonel."

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