Friday, December 3, 2010

Thank you St. Francis Xavier

In today’s Office of the Readings we Read a Letter from St. Francis Xavier to St Ignatius

“I have not stopped since the day I arrived. I conscientiously made the rounds of the villages. I bathed in the sacred waters all the children who had not yet been baptized. This means that I have purified a very large number of children so young that, as the saying goes, they could not tell their right hand from their left. The older children would not let me say my Office or eat or sleep until I taught them one prayer or another. Then I began to understand: ‘The kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’”

Francis Xavier's description of life in the missions sounds a lot like a Glenmary Missioner and our work in the Home Missions. Sometimes we get caught up in the tremendous needs all around us we don’t have time for anything else. But in the closing of his letter, St Francis Xavier reminds us we must stay grounded in prayer, meditation and be actively listening to what God is saying to us.

“Lord, I am here! What do you want me to do? Send me anywhere you like” – Even to Appalachia or the rural south

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