Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'd Rather be in Mexico

Made it back home to a Winter Wonderland… I think I should have stayed in Mexico a little while longer, or at least until the snow melted. I had wonderful visits with Glenmary’s aspirants who are studying in San Juan de los Lagos. They are busy with all the December activities in the seminary; la Fiesta de Guadalupe, Las Posadas, Fiestas Navideños, oh yeah and Final Exams too... Gracias a Dios estén bien y muy animados a seguir estudiando para ser misioneros con Glenmary.

While in Mexico I was also able to attend a gathering with the Vocation Team de San Juan and a number of promotores vocacionales from the area. I am looking forward to many events with this group in the coming year to promote vocations to the priesthood and religious life. The diocese of San Juan de los Lagos es rico en fe y tradición. It is a land of many martyrs and witnesses for the Church. As I recently wrote in an article for the Vocations enews letter, Glenmary needs men to be a prophetic voice in the missions of the United States.

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