Thursday, October 7, 2010

Unstable St. Meinrad

I just spent a superb time in St. MeinradIndiana visiting with the Glenmary students who are studying there. Mondays are community nights for the Glenmary students at St. Meinrad Seminary. The students gather at the Glenmary House which is just off the hill from the seminary. Close enough to walk to but far enough to put the seminary behind them for a brief spell. Gathering there gives them a chance to get away from their busy class schedule and put off the mountains of homework. It is a time for them to relax with one another as they gather for prayer, a meal and socializing.

My stopping in was an opportunity for me to update them on the happenings in the vocations office and to hear from them what is new in their lives and the classroom. This night's gathering was topped off with a visit to "The Unstable," the local seminary pub with good pizza and libations. I hope the road winds back through St. Meinrad more often in order for me gain more wisdom from the students and to share in their camaraderie.

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