Tuesday, July 27, 2010

His Words are Still True Today

“What is the Home Missioners’ greatest present need? Vocations and funds! But suppose the founder were asked to confine his primary need to one single thing. He would answer that humanly speaking the choice would be hard, as little can be done with either unless there is a good supply of the other. But knowing that there is a provident God looking on who will not let them down on the material side so long as men are willing to sacrifice themselves for so grand Cause, his reply is, without hesitation: VOCATIONS, VOCATIONS, and then MORE VOCATIONS—of the very best type that can be had.” William Howard Bishop 1944

Recently I re-read these words by our founder, fifty-six years later and they are still true. I especially take to heart the closing line, "the very best type that can be had." I know personally how great the needs are in the missions and know that the best type is what they deserve.

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