Monday, November 29, 2010

Much to be Thankful

Thanksgiving gatherings for the Glenmary students has been a long tradition. As the new vocation director this year it was my first turn to cook the Turkeys. I am not usually not a morning person but I did enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn on Thursday in order to get the birds ready to go in the oven. By 5:30am I was drinking my third cup of coffee and the birds were roasting away.
Guests started arriving at all hours; students aspirants, prospects, Glenmarians, and more. A couple of students who drove through the night from their mission assignment in North Carolina arrived just before I put the birds in the oven. Others trickled in all morning long and bringing different foods to contribute to the table. This year's meal included traditional American dishes as well as foods from other cultures.
Mass was celebrated at 11:00am which included music led by the seminarians and preaching by Fr. Jerry Dorn. Afterwards we all sat down to enjoy our turkey supper. The afternoon was dominated by sharing stories from the missions, songs and jokes. A multicultural talent show for the thirty five to forty people gathered there.
Looking around the room at the group I was thankful that the turkey came out just right and even more thankful for the group of young men present around the tables. Glenmary has received a blessing in each one of them who have said "yes" to being a missioner and we are thankful.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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