Friday, December 20, 2013

December Updates to Website

The following articles for discerners have recently been posted on the Glenmary Website.

The process of applying to enter Glenmary's formation program is a prayerful, important part of discernment - and a way to get to know Glenmary and yourself better. Is God calling you to enter this process?

By Pat McEntee, Associate Vocation Director
The Christmas season reminds us of Jesus' humble beginnings. Through his example of humility and prayer, we are called to be humble servants of God and to meet life's challenges with prayer and perseverance. When discerning a vocation, praying and then listening for an answer are of utmost importance. 

By. Father John S. Rausch  
Glenmary Father John Rausch reflects on his social justice ministry as an advocate for the people and environment in Appalachia. His work promotes Catholic social teachings through writing, talks, tours and prayer demonstrations.

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