Monday, January 28, 2013

Thanks be to God

This past weekend's retreat has been such a blessing for the retreatants, Fr. Dominic and myself. We prayed, we celebrated, we shared, we ate, we laughed, we reflected all day and late into the nights. The men interested in joining us are some of the best candidates ever. OK, I probably say that every year and I certainly don't mean to put down last year's candidates... But I am impressed at the deep spiritual side that these men have and see many wonderful qualities that would serve them well as missioners.
Today we begin our journey around the country, visiting the homes of the retreatants. It is a great opportunity for the families to ask questions about Glenmary and our way of life. It is also wonderful time for more sharing and getting to one another. I love the opportunity to get to experience the wonderful hospitality in the Kenyan culture.

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