Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Holy Week Retreat

Before you know it, Holy Week will be here. Looks like we will have a few men participating in our discernment retreat this year which will take place in a Glenmary Mission in Western Arkansas. If you are interested in finding out MORE information about this event please feel free to visit our website where you can download the information. Not only is a great chance to see the missions, meet some Glenmarians and have time for prayer and reflection. The retreat you also have a chance to spend some time with other men who, like you are discerning a call to join Glenmary.
If you are interested in visiting the missions but unable to make those particular dates contact me, Pat and I both are known to be great Mission Tour guides... Meaning we can sometimes work around your schedule and find a better weekend alternative to go out and visit the missions at another time. It will be a life-changing experience - Can you handle the challenge?

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